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Vendue Next Door | 4 oktober 2021
An unidentified coat, heavily embroidered

A red coat, richly embroidered and laced. 9 round buttons with crowned eagle with spread wings, the claws around a Jupiter symbol, Model 1852-1870. No stamps or markings. Two buttons at the back, two at the cuffs. Six hooks-and-eyes. White lining, with several stamps: '43'; '?8'; '1824'; 'Perroncel'.

Together with a British black leather giberne and cross belt, dated 1837-1901. Three gold stripes on the belt, and two lining the giberne. On the giberne the crowned letters VRI, Victoria Regina Imperatrix. Size of the giberne: 14,5 x 10 cm.

Including a pedestal.

Second half 19th century, France

H 107 cm

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